Great doctor's office with great care and service. Dr. Spencer is easily one of the best physicians I have ever had. He is helpful, calming, and makes you feel comfortable. He also has great insight and knowledge. I really appreciate how he validates my concerns, feelings, and questions. I never feel like he is pressuring me or trying to convince me - instead, he is incredibly supportive of my decisions. All the administrative staff and nurses I have interacted with are also wonderful. The ultrasound technician who we worked with was very skilled and always got us great photos of our baby.

Morgan O.

I wish there were more than 5 stars to give. I have been seeing Dr Harris for the last 15 years and every time it is an amazing experience. He is attentive, listens to your concerns and he is a great clinician. The staff is always helpful and very nice. Best doctor ever! There is a reason I drive downtown Dallas all the way from Plano.

Diana N.

They got me in for a visit asap. Once I met with Dr. Spencer he listened to me and broke everything down. And he got to work immediately. I’ve never in 12 years have I had a Dr or clinic move that fast for me. I have hope and a peace of mind that he believes and will do everything he can to help me get pregnant. I am beyond grateful, blessed, and amazed with the clinic, staff, and pRofessionalism they’re showing me. In one week I had blood drawn and a hsg text done. My next appointment is four days away which is my ultrasound of my ovaries. I’m in love with these guys.

latasha m.

Absolutely love this office! Came here after a bad experience with a previous OB during my recent pregnancy. I go to Dr Spencer and he is truly an amazing doctor. Its very hard to find good doctors that care and make you feel listened to.. i never take more than an hr at each visit. All the other OBs are also super nice. Im VERY low pain tolerant and recently had to get a procedure done but dr made it a little more bearable for me ! Im so glad i found a practice that i truly like and now i dnt have to scramble looking for an OBGYN like i have in the past!

Claudia A.

Not only are the doctors and staff incredible, but their ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is why I love this clinic so much!

Anderson A.

I've been meaning to write a review for a while now, but I just have to say that Dr. Kyle Spencer and the nurses at the clinic are absolutely amazing! From the moment I walked in, I felt so welcomed and they even remembered my name, which meant a lot to me. Not only was their hospitality top-notch, but Dr. Spencer also helped me avoid an emergency C-section, allowing me to have a smooth delivery of my baby boy. I'm incredibly grateful to them and I hope that all of Dr. Spencer's future patients receive the same level of care.

Leah W.

Trust me when I tell you this is the place you want to be - this is the team you want behind you when it comes to your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. This is by far the best experience I have ever had as a patient, period. Dr. Gaitonde is the absolute best. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable in his field, including keeping up to date on new methods and medications that can help with your pregnancy, he has incredible people skills and bed side manner. Through every appointment, he makes you feel heard, makes sure you clearly understand what’s going on, provides you with great options for handling different things, etc. he makes great recommendations to you but he never pushes things on you. I really could not have asked for a better doctor. And his team is great too. From the front desk, to billing, to the nurses, and the ultrasound tech, absolutely incredible. If I ever have another pregnancy, I refuse to deliver without him and his team 😄 and at the hospital where you’ll deliver at, the nurses and anesthesiologist and pediatricians and other OBs he works with are absolutely incredible too. They knew exactly what they were doing, also with incredible bed side manner, helping avoid what could have been an emergency C-section. 10/10 - highly recommend.

Kim B.

This OB/GYN group is very professional, with friendly staff and doctors. I have been a patient here for over 30 years! They have taken me through almost my whole gynecological life, and through any medical situations I have had. Their knowledge and treatments are the highest quality you will find. I am very happy with my care!

Joan H.

Dr Kyle Spencer is an amazing doctor. I had to get him after a traumatic experience of losing my baby with a different doctor who was negligent. Dr Kyle spencer has been empathetic ever since I started seeing him. If you looking for a good doctor, please don't hesitate. Go for him.

Lucy J.

Dr. Spencer is the best and provided great care during my entire pregnancy. He is attentive and he listens to you as a patient.

Shennaya M.

I just had my first appointment with dr Collins yesterday. He was wonderful!! He explained everything down to the letter. He was very personable and professional! I would recommend him to anyone. I’m late in my pregnancy and I have been through heck with prior clinics. I’m very pleased and can’t wait to see him next week!

Dr. Collins is phenomenal. He is genuinely the best OBGYN Doctor I’ve ever had. He really listens to your concerns, and always finds a solution to your issues, He describes your diagnosis in whatever way you best understand! I couldn’t be more grateful to find a doctor who hears my concerns, finds a solution, and is PROACTIVE. He was made for this, to be a doctor! My husband and I both feel like He is the best Doctor around! You will not be disappointed.

Dr Collins is a good through doctor. He did a uterine biopsy a month ago and then a complete robotic hysterectomy on me yesterday. Before my surgery he took all the time necessary to answer a number of questions regarding research I had done about my diagnosis and the surgery.
He did a outstanding job of explaining my diagnosis and options.
The surgery was yesterday. I have had little to no pain. I am a little sore and tired, but not in pain.
He has a good bedside manner and put me at ease right away.
I am so happy he is my doctor.

Dr. Collins is an excellent doctor and surgeon. He performed a much needed hysterectomy for me. My uterus was the size of a 4 month pregnancy and I was at the threshold between getting the procedure done the new fancy way (laparoscopic) or the old traditional way that would cause more down time, pain, and scarring. He had concerns that we would start off the new way and have to transition to the traditional but he is a very skilled miracle worker and got the job done less invasively. I would strongly recommend his services to any woman because he is a wonderful caregiver to women’s health.

He is really a great doctor. He actually sat down with me and explained me every possible problem and symptoms. Finally after roaming through 5-6 clinics, I came across one best doctor and would always prefer him.

Michelle D.
Submitted 05/25/22
Staff friendly! Dr Harris is one of my favorite doctors.

Stephanie S.
Submitted 05/24/22
Amazing practice! I asked them to try to get me in quickly due to an insurance issue, and they got me In the next day! Plus I was there for less than an hour.

Alice B.
Submitted 05/23/22
Great phone visit with dr Collins

Diane R.
Submitted 05/19/22
I’ve been a patient for 27 yrs. As always excellent! Dr Harris is wonderful and professional. His staff is excellent also. Thank you

Chelsea D.
Submitted 05/19/22
Dr. Gaitonde always makes me feel comfortable when I come into his office. Thanks Dr. G!

Tatiana G.
Submitted 05/19/22
Fantastic, He and his staff are very kindness and professional

Ana H.
Submitted 05/16/22

Sarah W.
Submitted 05/12/22
The best experience always.

Daniela C.
Submitted 05/10/22
I have known Dr Harris since 1988 a couple years before he delivered my first child. He is a wonderful caring doctor, in whom I have complete confidence.

Vivian T.
Submitted 04/29/22

Sherry S.
Submitted 04/27/22
Always friendly, I am always the focus of appointment and knowledgeable professionals.

Stephanie H.
Submitted 04/26/22
Awesome! Super informative and very helpful with my concerns , definitely wish I would Have met him sooner !

Anna G.
Submitted 04/23/22
Love Dr Gaitonde

Beverly J.
Submitted 04/22/22
Dr.Harris, Is truly a great Ob/Gyn doctor. He really listen, care about his patients concerns and their overall well being. Thank you Dr. Harris for all you do!!

Kit F.
Submitted 04/21/22
Doctor Harris is the best and his staff are friendly and professional. Highly recommended

Karin P.
Submitted 04/19/22
Dr Harris is great. He’s been my Dr for 22 years. I’ll be back in 1 year

Rosa M.
Submitted 04/19/22
Thank you for making this experience not awkward

Priscilla V.
Submitted 04/05/22

Lissett R.
Submitted 04/04/22
Answered all my questions, very professional. Everyone was friendly.

Samantha C.
Submitted 03/30/22
Very informative and knowledgeable, super calming and also just a cool doctor!

Deborah M.
Submitted 03/28/22
Excellent! Dr. Harris has always been very personable & caring.

Patti R.
Submitted 03/18/22

Lauren P.
Submitted 03/18/22
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Collins and the team at OBGA Dallas. I established care with Dr. Collins and OBGA Dallas based on glowing reviews at the beginning of my first pregnancy. Previously, I’d seen the same provider in Fort Worth for about 15 years but decided it was finally time to get established with a provider closer to home for my pregnancy (and beyond). Dr. Collins’ bedside manner and expertise are unparalleled. My husband and I both felt extremely confident and comfortable in the care he provided for me and our little one from the first prenatal visit through postpartum. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Elizabeth W.
Submitted 03/14/22
I only thought I had good OB care with my first child…Dr. Gaitonde and all of this staff completely blew me away! He is incredibly smart and knowledgeable about high risk pregnancies. He was always the one to personally call me with answers to questions /test results. He even remembered my job and waited to call after hours. He sat in on sono’s to help understand what you are seeing and give you peace of mind! He also came in to deliver my son in the middle of the night even though he was not on-call and I continue to this day tell people how he put us all at ease cracking jokes in the operating room. All the nurses at Baylor love him, and his attention to detail. He cares!! And you can tell he truly loves what he does!

Tangela J.
Submitted 03/11/22
Very Understanding and Knowledgeable !!! Thank you Dr. Harris .

Sandra R.
Submitted 03/10/22
I Love this Dr. Gaitonde.He’s very detail regarding your health which is very important. If you have any question or concern please reach out make an appointment.

Alyssa F.
Submitted 03/02/22
Answered questions and was very nice to meet with

Kimberly K.
Submitted 03/01/22
Timely appointment and was seen quickly

Dianne R.
Submitted 02/26/22
My experience with Dr Harris was great! Dr Harris is compassionate and thorough. He is wonderful.

Juanita D.
Submitted 02/24/22
My experience exceeds my expectations. Dr. Harris is very genuine, caring, professional, courteous, polite, friendly, patience, goes beyond expectations as well as the staff. Make you feel at home as well as family. Dr. Harris and his staff exceeds my expectations 100%. You couldn’t ask for a better person who is down to earth and loyal to his patients, family as well as his staff. No one is a stranger to him or his staff.

Stacey G.
Submitted 02/19/22
Dr.Harris and staff are so warm,friendly and caring

Ashley B.
Submitted 02/18/22
Dr. Harris and his staff are amazing. They are supportive, friendly, and professional. He was my gynecologist for years and then my OB. Even though I moved away from downtown Dallas to Rowlett, I chose to keep him as my OBGYN!

Roberta W.
Submitted 02/15/22
Extremely pleasant and professional as ever

Karleline D.
Submitted 02/09/22
Excellent doctor great staff no long waits

Elizabeth H.
Submitted 02/08/22
Dr Harris is my doctor and he is a gem. He is kind, compassionate, so knowledgeable and evidence based without being pushy. He truly listens and I never feel rushed or dismissed. I am not exaggerating when I say that everyone I know who is not looking for it open to a different OBGYN is already seeing someone in this practice. I recommend them to everyone.

Shelley K.
Submitted 01/27/22
Dr Harris took time for us to touch on every possible issue I might have 2 yrs after a hysterectomy and 14 yrs after menopause. He is the best-I drive 3 hours to see him!

Dianne M.
Submitted 01/27/22
From Mary at the front desk to Dr Harris EVERYONE was friendly, kind and helpful

Rachel R.
Submitted 01/21/22
Dr. HARRIS is my favorite OB/GYN. Smart, educated, and so knowledgeable. Dr. Harris really wants us to be healthy and happy. I love having a great professional in my life

Tamara C.
Submitted 01/19/22
Very quick, professional, a real people person and very informative!!

Laurie M.
Submitted 01/19/22
Kind people. Excellent docs & nurses. Thorough. Really care bout their patients

Kelly R.
Submitted 01/17/22
addressed my concern

Stephanie J.
Submitted 01/13/22
Dr. Gaitonde is an empathetic and detail- oriented physician. I am so glad he will be following my care.

Stephanie J.
Submitted 01/13/22
Empathetic and detail oriented physician- so glad I found him to follow my care.

Narges S.
Submitted 01/12/22
Dr. Steven Harris is the best of the best! I had so much complications with my first delivery with another doctor, and after doing much research, I decided to be Dr. Harris’s patient for delivering of my second baby. He is such a respected, caring, and knowledgable doctor. He spends a lot of time listening to you during every visit, and he does not rush you at all. With a great planning for my delivery, he made it such a perfect experience for me. In the hospital, he stopped by several times to make sure everything is okay with me during delivery. After delivery, every time I called the office, he scheduled a visit the same day despite his busy schedule. You don’t have these options with any other doctors. He would even cry with you if you cry because of bad past experiences. I pray for him and his family my entire life since he is such a great and caring doctor! Thank you Dr. Harris.

Sterling T.
Submitted 01/07/22
Dr. Gaitonde is truly the best doctor I have EVER had! Love everything about him—from his calm and excellent bedside manner to his thorough and reasonable approaches to treatment. I appreciate that he has built such a great, trusting relationship with both myself and my husband! There is no doctor I would rather have. I wish he could be my doctor for everything! We love Dr. G!!!

Pamela C.
Submitted 12/27/21
Dr. Harris is a Great listener and spends the appropriate amount of time with patient.

Deborah W.
Submitted 12/24/21
I was made an appointment for a very concerning matter very quickly. I did not wait long for Dr. Gaitonde in the waiting or examining room. His manner is kind, reassuring, caring, professional, and unhurried. My experience was excellent. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Gaitonde.

Julia M.
Submitted 12/20/21
Dr. Gaitonde is amazing!! His bedside manner cannot be matched. He genuinely cares about his patients and their family goals.

Marilynn F.
Submitted 12/13/21
Dr. Collins was professional and caring at the same time. He listened to me and gave the opportunity to share concerns I had. Thanks Dr. Collins.

Robin B.
Submitted 12/08/21
Dr. Harris is wonderful. He’s such a kind and caring doctor and everyone is so nice.

Andrea S.
Submitted 12/03/21

Hannah H.
Submitted 12/02/21
Dr. Gaitonde has been my OB for 5 years now and has cared for me through 2 pregnancies. He is so knowledgeable and also incredibly personable. He’s exactly what you’d hope for in a healthcare provider and OBGYN. You will be in great hands with him and his practice!

Catherine R.
Submitted 11/17/21
Great care from start to finish.

Hannah H.
Submitted 11/10/21
Dr. Gaitonde is very professional and I feel very safe in his office. He takes the time to get to know his clients and it shows!

Julie E.
Submitted 11/09/21
Dr. Harris is very personable, listens well, and is very kind. I am looking forward to working with him throughout my pregnancy!

Joanne B.
Submitted 10/26/21
The receptionist and check out person were nice. The nurse was kind. Dr. Harris was very kind and gentle with the internal ultrasound. I feel like we are in good hands all around.

Kelly P.
Submitted 10/15/21
Dr. Harris is the best! He always makes you feel like you’re his only patient.

Marlies S.
Submitted 10/15/21
I feel I received amazing care! Dr. Gaitonde is knowledgeable and caring, both outstanding qualities in a doctor!

Amy G.
Submitted 10/12/21
Efficient and friendly

Leah B.
Submitted 10/07/21
My experience here was wonderful. The process to get checked in and out was quick and efficient. Dr. Gaitonde was very personable, and I appreciated how his first priority was getting to know me as a new patient before providing any services. Above all, he was informative and respectful.

Cristal R.
Submitted 10/05/21
Dr. Collins was so personable and welcoming. He made the visit pleasant and quick. Got right to the point. His staff was also very professional and efficient. I am happy I switched doctors.


mia D.
Submitted 10/01/21
Love the staff amazing and doctors!

Julieann H.
Submitted 09/23/21
Absolutely love Dr Collins!! So caring and makes you feel like his only patient… addresses all your concerns and always gives options. Best Dr to assure you know you are healthy!

Miriam C.
Submitted 09/15/21
He’s very clear and outgoing! Friendly and usually on time lol

Hannah D.
Submitted 09/03/21
Dr. Harris is the best doctor. He delivered all 5 of my kids. He is kind, listens well, and made me feel empowered at every visit. We are so thankful for him and the whole practice.

Anna M.
Submitted 09/01/21
Everyone in the office were helpful and kind. Dr. Collins is very thorough and also listens to all your questions.

Kirsten J.
Submitted 09/01/21
Dr. Collins is the kindest and most professional OB/GYN I’ve ever seen. He’s so friendly and explains results in great detail, I feel so heard when I talk about my concerns with my body and I absolutely love being a patient of his. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Wendy S.
Submitted 08/26/21
Enjoyed seeing Dr Harris. Staff and lab tech were top notch

Donnetria T.
Submitted 08/20/21
Dr. Harris is very nice and explains everything thoroughly. All of the staff is professional and friendly.

Latosha T.
Submitted 08/18/21
Dr. Harris was very relatable and Knowledgeable I’m glad I chose you to be my gyno… you rock!!!!

Veronica P.
Submitted 08/17/21
Dr. Harris listens. He is personable and thorough. He communicates the plan of care. And most importantly, I have found him to be trustworthy. From my experience, he is one of the best!

Mary K.
Submitted 08/12/21
Excellent doctor! Excellent staff! Absolutely perfect!!

Charlotte P.
Submitted 08/09/21
Outstanding physician! Expert in knowledge. Kind, caring and professional in manner.

Sandra G.
Submitted 08/09/21
Always excellent.

Amelia B.
Submitted 08/09/21
I couldn’t be more excited to have Dr. Gaitonde as my doctor!

Brynisha E.
Submitted 08/04/21
always an great visit! Dr. Harris is awesome

Sonja W.
Submitted 08/02/21
Professional kind staff and doctor!

Anita W.
Submitted 08/02/21
Dr. Harris is an excellent physician who is extremely caring. He continues to stay abreast of medical information and technology.

Angela P.
Submitted 08/02/21
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Harris for over 25 years and I have always been pleased with my care! He and his staff are of the highest quality.

Paula A.
Submitted 07/30/21
Dr. Gaitonde is amazing! Before you do anything he likes to explain what your options are and clearly explains what he’s doing to do and why. Additionally he’s very gentle and makes sure you feel comfortable through your experience. He checks in on you every step of the way and makes sure you’re okay with what he’s going to do and makes sure to have your consent before anything. He also assured you throughout and he’s quick especially with the more painful stuff. Additionally he’s very knowledgeable and puts you at ease with any doubts you may have. His staff is also super friendly and move along quickly and easily. I’ve had other doctors and always felt uneasy but he goes out of his way to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in what he’s doing. He’s truly a professional and I’d totally recommend him.

Alicia F.
Submitted 07/29/21
Dr. Gaitonde is the Most Knowledgeable, professional, & caring Dr. I could ask for. I feel very lucky he was able to take me on as a patient.

Savannah B.
Submitted 07/29/21
Best gyno out there!

Yvonne S.
Submitted 07/28/21
Dr Collins has high integrity and is very professional. He is very personable and compassionate. He everything you could ask for in a doctor!

Yvonne S.
Submitted 07/28/21
Dr. Collins has high integrity and is very professional. He is very personable and compassionate. He everything you could ask for in a doctor!

Lata B.
Submitted 07/28/21
Great experience ♥️♥️

Patricia A.
Submitted 07/23/21
Dr. Harris is the best doctor I’ve ever met! He actually listens to you and cares about your concerns. He is kind, gentle, calm, confident, well experienced, and wise. I always trust his expertise. He has his patient’s best interest in mind and it shows in all he does. I completely feel safe in his care. He is a leader in the medical community and other medical professionals would be blessed to learn from him. I’m thankful for all of the care I’ve received from Dr. Harris. I drive an extra 40 minutes to see him because he’s 100% worth it every time.

Juanita D.
Submitted 07/21/21
My experience was totally exceptional very professional, polite, friendly, courteous, patient and above all you never have to wait and they’re very hands on with each patients. They’re caring and efficient with each patient’s. I have been going there every since Dr. Harold Waldrep retired from his practice. At first I didn’t think I would ever find anyone as nice as kind as Dr. Waldrep, but I was totally wrong. I found a wonderful, professional, courteous, polite, friendly, patient doctor who cares about each and one of his patient. He’s sincere and expect the best professional services from each of his staff. What a wonderful and Godly person that I’m so proud to have as my physician.

Cinthia P.
Submitted 07/20/21
Dr. Harris is the best!

Trina H.
Submitted 07/19/21
Always consistent…

Sandra M.
Submitted 07/16/21
Excellent doctor and awesome team.

Jessica R.
Submitted 07/07/21
Over the last 15 years I’ve received exemplary care from Dr. Harris and his wonderful staff. Even though I moved over a year ago, it’s worth it to me to drive from Oklahoma City to see him.

Taylor S.
Submitted 07/07/21
Great doctor!

Levie K.
Submitted 07/03/21
Dr. Steven Harris is great. I’ve been a patient for many years. He is very knowledgeable and kind. I really like that my last visit was very detailed but I was still done and on my way in less than an hour from checking in. I would highly recommend this office.

Tonya F.
Submitted 06/29/21

Kourtney W.
Submitted 06/25/21
Dr. Harris is patient, kind, and attentive. He explains every step of each appointment which provides comfort and ease! It is evident he truly cares about the patient and their concerns. Dr. Harris is a true blessing!

Janice F.
Submitted 06/25/21
Dr. Harris is always courteous and professional. He cares about your well-being. Today’s visit was great. Gave good answers for my condition and prescribed meds. Have a follow up in 30 days.

Jobeth R.
Submitted 06/25/21
Dr Harris is so compassionate and he truly cares about every patient.

Stephania B.
Submitted 06/24/21
Dr. Collins is the best! He answers all questions no matter how strange they are.

Laura K.
Submitted 06/23/21
Dr. Collins and staff are very professional and knowledgeable.

Rebekah M.
Submitted 06/22/21
Always a pleasure to work with dr Collins and his staff!

Kimble W.
Submitted 06/11/21

Stephanie W.
Submitted 06/10/21
Excellent visit, informative, patient, and witty. Great Job Team . I found my new Dr. With Dr.Collins

Paula A.
Submitted 06/08/21
Awesome doctor! This was my first real OBGYN visit. I was nervous and went by myself. First the doctor actually took me to this office along side another doctor. Doctor.G was super helpful and gave me some options. He also made me feel informed and was overall warm and friendly which puts you at ease. Next we went to the Pap smear itself and it was actually not bad at all! Obviously you feel discomfort but it was quick easy and the doctor was clear in what he was doing and would tell you before hand what he was going to do and what he was doing during. He made sure to check in and made sure I felt okay and well. He also had a nurse as well as the other doctor(forgot her name but she was super friendly as well) and was quick and painless. They also offered supplies for you if needed. I felt heard and felt calm and at ease. The staff was also friendly and efficient.

Karen K.
Submitted 06/08/21
Dr. Collins is everything you’d want in a OB/GYN. He’s professional, kind, considerate — he listens and responds to all concerns and takes as much time as is necessary. His staff is wonderful too.

Kris-Toya C.
Submitted 05/23/21
I was referred to Dr. Collins, MD by a close friend of mine. Not once did he make me feel uncomfortable and he really does care about the well being of his patients. KUDOS to him and his staff for outstanding work

Farron A.
Submitted 05/15/21
Dr. Harris is an excellent physician. Grateful for his medical knowledge, and genuine care for my overall well-being.

Cathy D.
Submitted 05/10/21
Love seeing Dr. Harris each year! We got cut short as he had to go to labor and delivery :(. But, I understand!

Lucy T.
Submitted 04/13/21
Very professional

Submitted 03/26/21
I’ve been seeing Dr. H since the mid 80’s and was broken hearted when I found out he was retiring. I always knew it was coming but, had hoped it wouldn’t be so soon.

Kimberly A.
Submitted 03/19/21
I’ve been going to this clinic for about three years now. Dr. Collins is the best. He always makes me feel comfortable and makes me feel like he really cares about my health. The staff here are very friendly from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I leave. I definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.

Abigail H.
Submitted 03/17/21
As a new patient, Dr. Gaitonde made the entire experience personal & comfortable. He answered any questions I had and even called with results at a time that was convenient for my schedule. I have nothing but praises for Dr. Gaitonde & his office!

Christian W.
Submitted 03/15/21
I don’t have enough kind and positive words to speak about Dr. Gaitonde. Hands down, best care I have ever received medically. He listens to everything you have to say before speaking. If you are uncertain about something, he doesn’t just push it on you, he discusses your concerns with you before just making a decision. If you are looking for a doctor that will still take their time with a patient, Dr. Gaitonde is the man to see. Absolutely adore all of his staff as well!!

Teandria M.
Submitted 03/05/21
Dr Collins is so down to earth! I felt so comfortable

Dorothy C.
Submitted 03/02/21
well satified

Coral T.
Submitted 02/26/21
Dr. Harris is not only a wonderful, competent doctor, he is an even more wonderful human being!

Andrea W.
Submitted 01/05/21
I have been going to Dr. Harris for at least 15 plus Years. He is by far one of the most caring Physicians I know. His bedside manner and compassion for patients is exceptional. By far one of the best practices I have been to. I absolutely adore him and his office staff.

Monica F.
Submitted 12/30/20
Receptionist and nurse were very polite with excellent customer service. Dr. Gaitonde is one of the best gynecologist in the DFW area!

Karis B.
Submitted 12/08/20
Dr Harris is kind, caring, and competent. I would trust him with my life and the life of each of my babies (which, in essence, I have)!

Submitted 11/25/20
Very Helpful!

Emily L.
Submitted 11/10/20
Always a thorough and professional visit

Chloe N.
Submitted 11/04/20
I would highly recommend Dr. Collins to anyone. He is a phenomenal doctor, extremely professional as well as relatable and down to earth. He recently delivered my first baby and even with unexpected delivery complications he made sure I was comfortable and that the process was easy on my spouse and I. Picking your OB is easily one of the most important decisions of your life and I would pick Dr. Collins every time.

Tamara D.
Submitted 10/27/20
Dr. Gaitonde is a wonderful person and doctor. His attention to detail and the time he takes in caring for me is deeply appreciated. I chose to become a patient of his after becoming super unhappy with the lack of the same by my previous OB/GYN. I am so thankful I found him!

Clota T.
Submitted 09/25/20
I have always been treated excellent and they have been helpful and very friendly. Never mind going there

Panita I.
Submitted 09/24/20
Dr. Gaitonde—always a true professional composed & well-prepared—answers all my questions with expert knowledge. I appreciate & value his expertise.

Betina E.
Submitted 07/24/20
Amazing! Best doctor ever. Very personable and knowledgeable. Thank you for all that you do!

Sara B.
Submitted 06/27/20
We love, love, love Dr. Gaitonde!!! He’s professional, informative, and caring!

Annette W.
Submitted 06/23/20
Great Experience, very informative and smooth appointment.

Brenda G.
Submitted 06/21/20
Best dr ever!!! If I could redo this surgery I would lol

Sterling T.
Submitted 06/10/20
Dr. Gaitonde is truly my favorite doctor! He is attentive, empathetic, and reasonable in his approaches to treatment. Great bedside manner! I appreciate that he makes things easy to understand and is thorough in his explanations. Dr. G is the best!!!

Magali V.
Submitted 06/10/20
I was well taken care of Dr. Gaitonde gave me bunch of good information needed. Dr. Gaitonde is very knowledgeable, skillful and very respectful.

Linda W.
Submitted 06/04/20
Dr Collins answered all my questions and quickly arranged for me to get a Rx which my insurance had denied

Michelle H.
Submitted 05/04/20
Great patient care

Kimberly V.
Submitted 04/25/20
Dr. Collins is the most caring and kind doctor I’ve ever had. I’m go grateful to have found him, and for as long as I’m making babies, he will always be the one to deliver.

Kamara M.
Submitted 04/14/20

Morgan N.
Submitted 04/08/20
Dr. Gaitonde is always great and helpful.

Rosario V.
Submitted 03/23/20

Jessica E.
Submitted 03/03/20
Very friendly and helpful

Trudy H.
Submitted 12/11/19
Dr. Gaitonde was very professional and informative. Thank you Dr.

Lisa A.
Submitted 12/05/19

Vanessa B.
Submitted 12/04/19
Dr. Harris delivered my twins almost 25 years ago and he was absolutely awesome! My daughter (one of the twins) is now a patient as well as 2 other family members, and I am still referring patients to him. I would rate 100 stars if that were an option!

Deanna C.
Submitted 12/03/19
He is an awesome DR! I’ve been going to him since 2005!

Judyth C.
Submitted 12/02/19
Quick and to the point, I love it

Ann H.
Submitted 12/02/19
Kindest doctor. Love him!

Maryellen R.
Submitted 11/08/19
would recommend to anyone who is feeling nervous about going to the gynecologist. Dr Linden is very professional and makes going to the gyno not such a daunting task. 10 stars !

Esther S.
Submitted 11/07/19
Dr. Gaitonde truly cares about his patients

Amy L.
Submitted 10/25/19
He is a wonderful doctor and his staff as well with them your health comes first and is important..

Chastity J.
Submitted 10/22/19
He is very passionate and listens to your concerns. As well as takes the time to get to know you. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Erin N.
Submitted 10/18/19
He’s the best!

Alisa Y.
Submitted 10/04/19
Always professional and personal.

Rosa Z.
Submitted 10/03/19
Great service as always very professional, taking the time to explain everything. I know I am in good hands with Dr. Gaitonde

Amy P.
Submitted 09/26/19
He is thoughtful and easy to talk too.

Mekdes D.
Submitted 09/25/19
I was treated with respect. Very knowledgeable doctor. Took his time to sit and talk to me.

Amy L.
Submitted 09/24/19
It was great like always I love Dr. Gaitonde and his staff

Panita I.
Submitted 09/23/19
Annual pap visit w/Dr. Gaitonde is always superb & informative. I like his calm demeanor & high level of intelligence—he’s very knowledgeable & answers all my questions.

Kristen W.
Submitted 09/21/19
Dr. Gaitonde is one of my all time favorite doctors. He goes above and beyond to make his patients feel cared for and important. I wouldn’t trust anyone else while on this journey and consider him not just my doctor, but a lifelong friend.

Leann J.
Submitted 09/19/19
Easy and quick

Capricia K.
Submitted 09/14/19
Dr. Gaitonde was amazing through out my entire pregnancy. He is really straight forward and personable. He went out of his way to be there for my delivery even though he was not on call. I highly recommend him.

Pamela T.
Submitted 09/12/19
Dr. Heckman has been my gyn doctor since 1987. He has cared for me through a variety of female disorders with skill, knowledge, kindness,and professionalism. I wouldn’t choose any other physician and highly recommend him to any woman who is looking for a knowledgeable physician who can be trusted 100%.

McKayla E.
Submitted 09/10/19
Ashwin is amazing! I’ve gone to him for years.

Elizabeth F.
Submitted 09/03/19
I love Dr. G. Always and forever! He’s so patient, kind and compassionate.

Leigh-Anne M.
Submitted 09/03/19
Amazing doctor! The staff are all so kind and friendly!

Marie Vyna S.
Submitted 08/21/19
Dr Collins was very sensitive to the current changes I’m going through due to my menopausal stage. He listened carefully, and offered various options, and treatments that are available in the medical field. I found him quite caring, and would go as far as to say that he showed empathy.

Melissa G.
Submitted 08/21/19
Great bedside manner!

Cristina G.
Submitted 08/13/19
Really nice doctor, it was my first time getting a check up and he made me feel 100% comfortable. He’s awsome.

Eve S.
Submitted 08/09/19
Extremely friendly and has a wonderful manner in which he thoroughly explains everything. Awesome person and Doctor!♥️

Anusha B.
Submitted 08/09/19
Sir was very supportive and friendly.. thank you

Brenda B.
Submitted 08/08/19
I know I’m under the best care with Dr. Gaitonde. He’s professional, yet personable in a way that we always feel like our time with him is valued. We are currently on our 3rd pregnancy under his care and are so thankful for him and his expertise.

Pamela B.
Submitted 08/07/19
Dr Collins is a wonderful doctor. He is very kind and professional. I would recommend him to any woman who needs a great gynecologist.

Megan M.
Submitted 08/06/19
During my visit with Dr. Gaitonde, he listened to my problems and said he would not give up until we found a solution. He is attentive and caring. I am so happy I switched to his practice for my care. Thanks Dr G!

Irma A.
Submitted 08/05/19
I’m very excited to have found him again! Dr. Gaitoned was my gynecologist 10 years ago and I’m very happy with my experience with him.

Lindsay S.
Submitted 08/01/19
Dr. Gaitonde is wonderful! So personable and caring.

Anna S.
Submitted 07/26/19
Very easy and quick appointment

Amanda J.
Submitted 07/23/19
Everyone was great!

Cherie B.
Submitted 07/16/19

Desirae K.
Submitted 06/12/19
Friendly staff. Everyone was very helpful

Shelby M.
Submitted 06/12/19
Dr. Collins was super friendly, welcoming, and helpful! I just moved to Dallas and was so nervous about switching doctors, but he made me feel so comfortable! Would definitely recommend.

McKenzie W.
Submitted 06/07/19
I’ve been seeing Dr. Gaitonde for years. He’s a fantastic doctor and I still drive from Frisco to see him.

Kara G.
Submitted 06/04/19
Dr Collins is extremely personable and makes things very easy and comfortable

Lindsay P.
Submitted 06/03/19
The best of the best. He’s delivered two of my children. We love the guy.

Marjorie P.
Submitted 05/23/19
Dr. Collins is so concerned about his patients. He is friendly and makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. He is the best. He has the patients interest at heart

Khizra S.
Submitted 05/23/19
Dr. Gaitonde was very processional and thorough in explaining to me my next steps. Everything he advised made sense to me which I cannot say for my previous doctor.

Tristan P.
Submitted 05/21/19
I drove over an hour to be a patient of Dr. Collins. He is a truly outstanding doctor and I’m so happy with my experience at this office.

Shaneka S.
Submitted 04/23/19
I love my doctor and the staff there. Always so friendly!

Linda C.
Submitted 04/18/19
Have been patient for long time. Office staff very polite and helpful.

Caren M.
Submitted 04/05/19
The kindest and sweetest soul ever!! Amazing man! Wonderful staff!!!

Latrece A.
Submitted 03/29/19
Always a great visit!

Lauren C.
Submitted 03/21/19
First time meeting Dr. Gaitonde today and he was beyond amazing and incredibly respectful! He took the time to get to know me and, in doing so, he calmed my nerves immensely! Best experience I’ve ever had with a doctor before, I won’t hesitate to recommend him to others!

Judy M.
Submitted 03/19/19
Dr. Collins is a top notch doctor. He is very knowledgeable and nice.

Regina N.
Submitted 02/01/19
Dr. Collins took time to hear me out and asked insightful questions.

Ireene F.
Submitted 01/30/19
The Best Ob-Gyn, very compassionate caring MD

Rita P.
Submitted 01/29/19
Very warm and great chemistry

Nancy S.
Submitted 01/25/19
Dr Collins is a great doctor- he listens and is very responsive.

Jana J.
Submitted 01/22/19
Dr. GATIONDE HAS GREAT BEDSIDE MANNER! He made me feel comfortable as a first time patient. Nice staff! He was very gentle.

Shirley K.
Submitted 01/22/19
Attention to detail and only too happy to listen to any issues I was having. Great doctor.

Averie S.
Submitted 01/21/19
I saw Dr. Gaitonde very quickly upon arriving, had a very informative appointment and left confident in our discussion.

April B.
Submitted 01/17/19
Dr. Gaitonde is absolutely wonderful. He is thorough, patient, incredibly intelligent and personable. He has been my doctor for 3 years and I could not have made a better choice. My husband and I are expecting our first child and we are very excited to have him by our sides. If you’re looking for an OBGYN, I highly recommend him!

Nichole M.
Submitted 01/16/19
Awesome staff, Dr.Collins customer service and professional is above expectations!!!

Ileana G.
Submitted 01/14/19
Best Gyno I’ve ever had!

Maria E.
Submitted 01/13/19

Kaylee L.
Submitted 01/11/19
Dr. Gaitonde has one of the best bedside manners I have seen! He always remembers what you discussed last time, with no notes, and never forgets my husband’s name! He has a very kind heart and is always sincere with his approach.

Gabriella A.
Submitted 01/07/19
He is great, always asks about your life and cares.

Euladia G.
Submitted 01/04/19
Made to feel comfortable and not at all embarrassed by my shortcomings.

Patricia I.
Submitted 12/27/18
Great staff.

Tran L.
Submitted 12/21/18
Dr. Harris is the BEST. I have yet to experience any doctor like him. His expertise, knowledge, and compassion is beyond measure. He has made my pregnancy journey enjoyable!

Rachel Y.
Submitted 12/17/18

Patricia I.
Submitted 12/17/18
Friendly staff & Dr.Collins was amazing!

Lauren B.
Submitted 12/10/18
Short wait time, kind staff, caring doctor. Great experience!

Kelly B.
Submitted 12/07/18
I have been a patient of Dr.Heckman’s for 30 yrs and now that I live out of state, I will continue to fly in to see him. He is a good listener, and is thoughtful yet conservative in his approach during treatment planning. He aIso has a very skilled team that is caring and compassionate. I highly recommend Dr. Heckman and his team.

Kidist N.
Submitted 12/05/18
Dr.Collins best

Erika E.
Submitted 12/04/18
De Heckman and his entire staff are wonderful!

Reba A.
Submitted 11/19/18
Awesome very fast service but explains everything

Stephanie J.
Submitted 11/19/18
I have been a patient of Dr. Harris for at least 28 years and he is the best. Great bed side manner and very concerned about his patients. He delivered my daughter and now my daughter is a patient of his. Highly recommended!

Christina C.
Submitted 11/16/18
Dr. Collins has the best bed side manner of any Ob/Gyn I’ve ever gone to. He is extremely personable and easy to talk to.

Amira E.
Submitted 11/13/18
Dr. Collins always takes such great care of me. The staff is also wonderful

Janet Q.
Submitted 11/08/18
Doctor was great

Kamillya J.
Submitted 11/06/18
Dr. G is always great.

Tiandra C.
Submitted 10/26/18
I Love Dr.Collins ♥️♥️

Karla S.
Submitted 10/10/18
Dr. G is professional and kind. He listens well, and shares his expertise with compassion.

Monica R.
Submitted 10/09/18
Dr. Collins is an amazing doctor. Super kind & he always walks me through my visit.

Sandra L.
Submitted 10/08/18
Wonderful doctor.

An B.
Submitted 10/03/18
Dr.Collins is the best

Patricia V.
Submitted 10/03/18
He was very thorough and very kind. Completely took his time and made sure any concerns were dealt with. Thank you!

Jill Y.
Submitted 09/24/18
Absolutely love Dr. Gaitonde. He is always professional and always remembers the littlest details.

Andrea Q.
Submitted 09/05/18
Dr. Gaitonde is amazing!

Joan S.
Submitted 08/30/18
Absolutely professional, respectful & thorough. I have complete confidence in Dr. Harris as well as his staff…5 Star all the way!

Allison S.
Submitted 08/28/18
Dr. G is great. Love him and his staff! I also love the lab draw lady she is so sweet.

Cheryl O.
Submitted 08/24/18
Dr. Gaitonde is a great doctor with a great staff.

Tierra R.
Submitted 08/20/18
In and out plus very friendly.

Melissa G.
Submitted 08/14/18
Great bedside manner!! Listens and remembers everything you say!!

Aakanksha S.
Submitted 08/09/18
it was good

Ellen N.
Submitted 08/06/18
Dr. Harris is the best -he listens to my questions and is always helpful and understanding.

Nicole S.
Submitted 08/02/18
I was given full attention and felt important!

Tiffany C.
Submitted 08/01/18
Dr. G is awesome!! So professional and personal! He is like an old friend!!

Deborah B.
Submitted 07/31/18
Dr. Harris is always excellent He is easy to talk to about anything, always there to listen and assist if needed. I have been going to see him for many years and will continue for many years to come. Thank you!

Brenda M.
Submitted 07/31/18
Always attentive and polite!

Sharon C.
Submitted 07/30/18
Dr. Collins really is a nice young man. I was concerned about going to anyone but Dr. Ehmer. Dr Collins really pays attention to what I have to say. Very pleased that I have a great new Dr.

Liccy A.
Submitted 07/27/18
I am a new patient and I am picky and I get nervous about almost everything. Since the moment I called for an appointment I was treated very professionally. Dr. Collins treated me like I have been his patient since forever ago. The whole crew has been patient, friendly, professional and most of all very compassionate.

Cynthia G.
Submitted 07/23/18
Dr. Gaitonde is the best! He is so kind and always makes me feel so comfortable. He is excellent at explaining things in terms you can understand.

Leila R.
Submitted 07/13/18
Great service and bedside manner

Cassandra J.
Submitted 07/10/18
Been a few years since I’ve been there but staff and of course my dr was great

Stephanie C.
Submitted 07/10/18
It’s an office full of very nice and helpful people!

Callie P.
Submitted 07/10/18
Dr. Harris is amazing! He spends time. He listens to my concerns. He does a very thorough exam. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family.

Donna A.
Submitted 07/06/18
Dr. Harris and his team are amazing! The BEST!

Pamela L.
Submitted 07/06/18

April C.
Submitted 07/06/18
Dr. Harris was wonderful!

Lorraine S.
Submitted 07/05/18
The care and professionalism is always great.

Maya D.
Submitted 06/28/18
Thorough and efficient.

Tracie P.
Submitted 06/28/18
Dr. Collins is a great doctor. He explains things,and makes sire I understand what he is saying. He makes it easy to talk to him about any concerns or questions i have,and genuinely cares. I tell all my girlfriends, and co-workers,if they need an obgyn to go to him.